Friday, February 27, 2009

Class 11 and 10M visit Malaysia, Truly Asia

The 6 day trip to Malaysia in January, 2009 was a truly memorable one. The twin towers at KL, and the Minara Kuala Lumpur was only the beginning. Visit to the straits of Malacca at Port Dickson, the grand new city of Putra Jaya and the entertaining Genting HIghland resort enroute the Batu Caves was too much to absorb in 5 days. Karachi's stop over was needed to revive the tired travellers but a visit to the Governor House and Jinnah's Mausoleum brought more spirit to the group. They called it the Best 6 days of their lives! That's saying a lot!!!

Claudine Day 3rd Feb., 2009

All sections of CJM Lahore participated in the Annual Foundress' Day with fervour and enthusiasm. 190 years of service by CJM around the world across 5 continents continues to benefit the cause of value education.

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