Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CJM participates in 'Seeds for Farmers' initiative by IKF

On Sunday, 24 October 2010, CJM was invited by the Imran Khan Foundation (IKF) to attend the seminar held at Gaddafi Stadium about the IKF Flood Relief effort. Sr. Pilar, Sr. Mercedes, and other sisters were also present as well as a number of Senior Section teachers, the entire student council and a few girls from grade 10. Students from different schools were invited up on stage, to come and sing patriotic songs or share their views about the current situation of the flood relief victims. Our Faith captain, Anoop Hafeez, was the first to go up on stage and she sang beautifully. The Headgirl, Meera Mahmood, recited a poem she had written, expressing the feeling and emotion of the Pakistani youth about the current state of their beloved country. Later the whole collection of students and teachers was addressed by Imran Khan. He delivered an emotionally charged speech on the suffering of the flood affectees and what the disastrous floods can mean for the future of Pakistan. The youth, he said, are the ones whose duty it is now to act as a nation and help their fellow countrymen rebuild their homes and their lives. A short video of the flooded areas was shown. Watching the people of their country in such plight left many of the viewers with moist eyes. Introducing the aims of the IKF’s new campaign to send seeds to the farmers in flood affected areas, Imran Khan also announced that students will get a chance to take an active part in this effort. The students will raise funds for the campaign by selling tickets to a Twenty20 cricket match that will take place in approximately six weeks at the Gaddafi Stadium. He also enlightened us with the good news that after twenty years he will once again jump into the field and take part in the match. After the speech our students were interviewed by Geo News. The CJM delegation was specially addressed by Imran Khan’s sister, a former past pupil of the Convent. She shared with us her experience that after leaving school she always stood out amongst others anywhere she went. She attributed this quality to all the values and character building she had learnt in her years at school. “Being a Conventarian”, she told us, “is something you will be proud of all your life and nowhere can you learn the beauty of character that you will be taught in this institution.”
Report by CJM Prefects Mischa Sheikh and Rabbiya Abdullah

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