Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CJM participation in IKF campaign

Ebullience and great urge to work for a noble cause encouraged students of CJM to help the flood victims by participating in the Flood Relief Effort of Imran Khan Foundation. The tickets introduced by the foundation were sold by the students to raise funds. The sole purpose is to buy seeds and send to farmers in flood affected areas. Due to the commendable participation of our students and for the promotion of this effort, the Student Council and other senior students wre interviewed by Geo News at CJM. Views regarding the turmoil in our country and a strong aim to surmount these obstacles bravely were expressed. We hope this effort turns out to be a huge success and truly helps our fellow Pakistanis who are waiting for our support. We are proud of our students who actively responded to IKF 's relief work as our country is in dire need of such united actions.

Reported by Rabbiya Abdullah, Mischa Sheikh (Prefects)

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