Saturday, October 31, 2015

Netball, Basketball, Volleyball teams shine bright at LGS Paragon Sports Festival

CONVENT OF JESUS AND MARY, LAHORE participated in three sports meets at LGS Sports Festival. The girls were amongst the youngest in the participants as all other schools had A level students in the teams. Despite this barrier of age, the CJM girls shined and impressed everyone.

The Volleyball team were second in the tournament and received the Silver Medal.

  • Selina Ishfaq
  • Maeezah Murshed
  • Malaika Iqbal
  • Ashal Rashid
  • Rammal Faiz
  • Eman Hasan
  • Lamat un Noor Khan
  • Zernab Saeed
  • Hamayal Jabbar

The Basketball team reached the semifinals.

  • Saleha Noor
  • Aysh Ijaz
  • Zainab Mukhtar
  • Maham Zahra
  • Marukh Azhar
  • Hamayal Jabbar
  • Aheda Tariq
  • Eysha Mariam
  • Jannat Naseer
  • Hira Jabbar
  • Mishal Kamran

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